October 1, 2018

Troy Rushton launches Realty.com.au as the first social media network for the Homemaker

August 22, 2018

With a reported 85 million Filipinos "unbanked", living across the 7,000+ islands that form the Philippines, there is a real opportunity to deliver innovative financial services over the coming decade to meet the expected demand.

A few innovative FinTech companies have began deploying online solutions to bring borrowers and lenders together in this digital age. 

Once such company rising to meet the demands is Rush Money, an innovative FinTech company based in Cagayan de Oro. With the recent launch of Rush Money's lending platform, borrowers now have unprecedented access to a variety of lenders across different verticals including auto, home (mortgage), personal, OFW, business and credit cards. Borrowers can now complete online applications, submit documents securely and engage with lending offi...

June 29, 2017

So excited to announce that we just launched leads.com.au for the Australian market to help businesses generate more customers! We have developed a network of geo & services based websites which will provide very targeted customers for those businesses looking to grow!

I often get asked about "leads" and "lead generation" by people wanting to expand, as customers churn, new customers are required to either maintain business or expand it!

  • What is lead generation? How did it came to be?

  • What is the importance of leads?

  • What makes a valuable lead?

  • How fierce is the market competition regarding capturing important leads?

  • What are the advantages and how important is buying and selling of leads

Over the years of commerce, mass communication has undergone a drastic improvement. Th...

March 25, 2016

NameBrokers.com has developed a suite of tools that enables domain brokers to more effeciently manage and market their clients domain names. Namebrokers beta launched in December 2014 and over the past 15 months, has been working closely with independent brokers to develop a technical solution that resolves many of the challenges that brokers face, particularly around scale, portfolio and lead management.


Troy Rushton stated "We believe strongly in this broker model, through the network, brokers can collaborate with each other, access quality inventory and leverage our productivity tools, ultimately to drive more domain sales".


An Independent broker can now launch a branded website in minutes, create a blog, manage client inventory, generate leads, create brochures and track email marketing result...

June 15, 2015

LifeMeds, the Australian based distributor of natural alternate medicines for cancer, pain and prevention, has secured an exclusive distribution deal with the makers of Celltramax. Celltramax is created and produced in the US by Shawn Mitchell, who is currently seeking a patent for his protocol which is based on the Budwig Diet.


The Budwig Diet was developed by Dr Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist who researched the impact of fatty acids. She developed the Budwig protocol, a purported anti-cancer diet, in 1952. It is a lacto-vegetarian diet that is probably harmless.The signature piece is freshly ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil, mixed with cottage cheese or quark.  It emphasizes meals high in fruits, vegetables, and fiber, preferably raw or lightly cooked. It avoids sugar, refined grains, animal...

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