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Expand your reach with promises to bring talent and opportunity together. Troy Rushton and Andrew Chinn, the team behind web based platforms like protrada, nameinvestors and namebrokers have partnered with experienced Recruiter, Tracey Lane, of Top Talent Executives, to deliver an innovative approach to recruitment.

Recruitment agencies bear the dubious honour of internal inefficiency, which is a historical structural flaw that has a direct bearing on their recruitment commission rates. Agencies typically make use of less than 1% of the candidates they view or meet. This statistic is a clear indication of the need for a more collective solution (between agencies) to provide a superior service that offers unprecedented candidate search potential for hiring companies. appears to be that much-needed link, operating as an exclusive briefing platform which is only accessible by recruitment agencies. The Submitted platform allows organisations in need of high-quality active and passive candidates to brief jobs to the total collective pool of recruitment agencies; enabling company’s a greater reach and a higher penetration rate of qualified and suitable candidates for their vacancy.

Companies can set the recruitment fees on offer, so they remain in control and recruiters can now submit candidates for roles that may not have otherwise been briefed on.


Troy Rushton -
Entrepreneur & Speaker
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