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NameInvestors launches “Branded Marketplaces”

Troy Rushton’s launches “Branded Marketplaces” for professional domain investors.

Many domain investors spend valuable time and money securing great domains, over time, successful investors hope to accumulate a valuable portfolio. With the volume of domains (names) and the diversity of a portfolio, many investors will take one of three approaches to convert their investments to cash. Some names will get listed onto marketplaces such as Go Daddy, Afternic or Sedo, premium names may get listed with a domain broker and other investors will simply “park” the name with a “for sale page” on it and wait for in the “inbound” inquiry. These options are typically passive for the investor, and if the name meets the right criteria, in time, it should sell at some point, it just becomes a matter of price.

However, some of the more successful investors, have taken a more proactive approach, and will outbound market their names, similar to that which has been occurring in the real estate industry for decades. The process of outbound marketing can generate multiple interested buyers simultaneously, which generally will result in a higher sale price and a shorter holding time, but this takes work and with so many names, can be problematic for many investors. Researching prospective buyers, developing marketing brochures, custom landing pages and making online presentations, with a view of effectively communicating, the value of the name and how it can help a business grow and generate more traffic and sales. When this process is executed correctly, a much higher ROI can be achieved for the investor (seller).

To facilitate transactions, many sellers will send buyers to a marketplace listing, which is very effective for completion, however, can present a number of challenges for the seller, including loss of sale to competitive names available, commission’s payable of up to 30% and a lack of branding and identity for buyer retention. Some of the most successful investors recognise these challenges and have invested into the development of their own branded marketplaces, however, this takes time, management and significant investment to develop, maintain, and keep pace with technology advancements such as browser and device compatibility.

After experiencing these exact challenges, we recognised that many other investors also needed a platform solution dedicated to enabling the marketing and completion of buyer transactions. A solution that would enable the seller to gain more control in the process including development of their own branded marketplace, integrated with payment processing including and credit card, automated marketing brochures, integrated landing pages, efficient pricing control, monthly leasing, portfolio management, buyer retention and communication tools.

As a result, nameinvestors have developed a complete branded marketplace for investors that meet all of these requirements and offers a no-technical-skills required solution, hosted on the cloud and compatible with mobile devices. The branded marketplace, enables the investor to receive and respond to buyer inquiries via email and TXT, research prospective buyers and distribute automated marketing brochures which are integrated to buyer inquiry pages. Investors can develop multiple marketplaces, vertically branded for specific genres, niches and market segments. A complete one-stop-shop.

In addition, these branded marketplaces, are connected to a network of other marketplaces, which means that sellers have the opportunity to earn referral commissions for the sale of other investors names effectively capitalising on their outbound marketing efforts – passive income 101. Investors can have control over premium, featured, bargain names for sale and can manage and set “buy now” and “make offer” options, with a minimum price. This professional solution has been developed alongside of the industry’s most successful domain investors and is now available to investors of all levels from beginners to the most sophisticated.


Troy Rushton -
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