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Build your Domain Brokerage business on has developed a suite of tools that enables domain brokers to more effeciently manage and market their clients domain names. Namebrokers beta launched in December 2014 and over the past 15 months, has been working closely with independent brokers to develop a technical solution that resolves many of the challenges that brokers face, particularly around scale, portfolio and lead management.

Troy Rushton stated "We believe strongly in this broker model, through the network, brokers can collaborate with each other, access quality inventory and leverage our productivity tools, ultimately to drive more domain sales".

An Independent broker can now launch a branded website in minutes, create a blog, manage client inventory, generate leads, create brochures and track email marketing results all on with a few clicks. Brokers can reduce system costs and improve effeciencies, by outsourcing their technology requirements to NameBrokers. The platform integrates domain landers with the negotiation module to provide a seamless and effecient communication process between buyer, broker and seller. With brokers can represent their own clients names, or select premium inventory from the network.

The premium inventory is coming through, a sister platform that allows domain investors to showcase their portfolio on their own branded marketplace. With the integration to NameBrokers, investors can now effeciently offer their inventory to a network of independent brokers, with just a few clicks.

Troy Rushton added "Our offering provides brokers and sellers with a one-stop-shop solution, brokers can work remotely, indepently and more effeciently and sellers have more flexibility and unprecendented access to a network of independent brokers." offers monthly and annual subscriptions and also provided online training courses and support to new brokers wanting to join its global network.

Troy Rushton -
Entrepreneur & Speaker
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