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Who I am


A serial entrepreneur who has created a number of online and offline businesses, some have exceeded my expectations whilst others have been a complete disappointment - optimistically discounted as a learning curve, a labour of love if you will. Problem solving energises me and Im very passionate about those things that interest me. Ive been fortunate to find success but am still determined to crack the big one, a legacy to reflect proudly upon, my endless & relentless pursuit. Along the way, I want to inspire and help as many people as I can be more and I have higher purpose to help those less fortunate, particularly in my second country, the Philippines.

Why I do this


I get tremendously satisfaction in sharing my knowledge and experiences with others in the hope, that I can inspire them and prevent them from making the same painful mistakes I made.


What I can do for you


For some, I can be a point of motivation or inspiration from a distance, for others I can be a resource to guide and provide specific guidance and commentary on your potential execution issues. Im motivated by the score card & not necessarily the financial rewards, so I can be a safe harbour. 

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