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Troy Rushton instructs Domain Trading on Udemy

Troy Rushton, Founder and CEO of, the worlds leading domain trading education company, has released two new educational programs on, a market leader in instructor-lead online courses. has been offering education for more than 12 months in various formats including eCourse, video, PDF, ebooks, Google hangouts and live Webinars. With more 2,500 users participating in the 10 day eCourse since its launch in January 2013 and 2% of Protrada’s 13,000 members already enrolled in the 12 month course “Domain Trading 301″, Rushton believed that there was an opportunity to expand the educational program and the domain trading opportunity into main stream learning environments.

Rushton stated “there is a clear apetite and curiosity for domain trading, millions of people have purchased a domain, but significantly less have seen the opportunity to actively trade domains for a profit, I believe education will bridge the gap”.

Rushton’s new courses on Udemy, have attracted more than 200 new students in the first 2 weeks, with the free course teaching the fundamentals in an hour and a paid course offering some trading strategies.

Rushton added “Through education, we have successfully increased the number of active domain investors, and with millions of Domains available for representation across the entire industry, there is a natural shortage of quality Brokers. There are a number of great brokerage firms servicing the industry now, but we see new the challenge is to improve the ratio of brokers to domains for sale, which we believe will increase the level of active representation and maximise returns for sellers”.

Rushton is developing another course that will teach Domain Brokerage, to improve standards across the independent brokers within the Domain industry and to attract new Domain Brokers from industrys including Real Estate, Insurance and financial services. Rushton will distribute this new course through various partnerships to help attract experienced sales agents from the different industry’s to the domain industry to meet the increasing demand.

Rushton added “We are now well positioned through our distribution partnerships to attract and educate new brokers to meet the demand. We are working closely with a number of established brokers and domain sellers to solve the challenges that exist currently, and we believe that improving expectations and efficiencies through education will lead to an increase in transaction deal flow that will grow the overall aftermarket business “.

Rushton says “Experienced sellers can participate in the domain industry and earn serious commissions, like most industry’s, the investor is not always the best seller”.

Rushton is also looking to provide structure, technology and inventory through an independent broker network, which he hopes to launch at the end of 2013.

Troy Rushton -
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