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LifeMeds secures deal with Celltramax

LifeMeds, the Australian based distributor of natural alternate medicines for cancer, pain and prevention, has secured an exclusive distribution deal with the makers of Celltramax. Celltramax is created and produced in the US by Shawn Mitchell, who is currently seeking a patent for his protocol which is based on the Budwig Diet.

The Budwig Diet was developed by Dr Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist who researched the impact of fatty acids. She developed the Budwig protocol, a purported anti-cancer diet, in 1952. It is a lacto-vegetarian diet that is probably harmless.The signature piece is freshly ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil, mixed with cottage cheese or quark. It emphasizes meals high in fruits, vegetables, and fiber, preferably raw or lightly cooked. It avoids sugar, refined grains, animal fats, salad oil, meats, butter, and margarine, plus caffeine, liquor, tobacco, and all processed foods.

LifeMeds co-Founder Troy Rushton said “We are excited to be working with Shawn and distributing Celltramax into the ASIAPAC region. We recognise the benefits of this product and have been very encouraged by the immediate response. Celltramax has an existing client base in the region who will now be able to purchase the product more cost effectively through LifeMeds”.

He also added “We are bringing in a number of products to the Australian market that will provide a natural alternative for cancer and pain management at more affordable prices, which is great news for those in need”.

LifeMeds is currently negotiating with several offshore product makers including those who are producing hemp and cannabis based products.


Troy Rushton -
Entrepreneur & Speaker
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