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So excited to announce that we just launched for the Australian market to help businesses generate more customers! We have developed a network of geo & services based websites which will provide very targeted customers for those businesses looking to grow!

I often get asked about "leads" and "lead generation" by people wanting to expand, as customers churn, new customers are required to either maintain business or expand it!

  • What is lead generation? How did it came to be?

  • What is the importance of leads?

  • What makes a valuable lead?

  • How fierce is the market competition regarding capturing important leads?

  • What are the advantages and how important is buying and selling of leads

Over the years of commerce, mass communication has undergone a drastic improvement. The dawn of lead generation can be dated back in the early days of civilization which started from word-of-mouth. Back then, individuals go out of their houses to interact and spread awareness about their business or put up stores in order to be known. As the age of printing emerged, businesses unconsciously reached distant customers through the help of newspapers and billboards. It further then created a whole new scope of target audience when electronic devices such as TVs, computers and mobile gadgets entered the business scene with the use and help of the world wide web.

This scope of target audience is composed of leads. A lead is an individual or a company that has shown a desire of inquiry or interest in any of your company's products or services. Lead Generation is a marketing procedure which deals with the capture of business interest and identifying potential customers. Why is it important? The answer to that question is that it eliminates business stagnation. It further provides a number of credible prospects and a wider range of future markets to capture for a better marketing pipeline. It also connects businesses through a vast networking system in which they together can mutually engage in business dealings and more opportunities.

Lead value depends on how valid and relevant the data is to a company. For this reason, lead value is very subjective among companies. However, there are some fields that are necessary to make a lead a valuable resource that may be used in order to gain a competitive advantage.The essential parts include the basic contact information and qualitative and quantitative details about the lead.

By taking on the demands of globalization and rising to the challenge brought by other companies, possession of important leads became a key factor to win over business competition. Capturing these important leads became very crucial especially with the emergence and growth of online interaction and social media. At present, there is now a rising stiff competition because the majority of the companies all over the world can make use of the internet to quickly generate or capture leads for more business opportunities. This makes business engagements even more time pressured.

Thus, as a remedy to the fierce competition ahead, buying and selling of leads became a smart investment. It is a new generation of the marketplace which is designated to a profitable exchange of sales information. Furthermore, buying and selling of leads is a type of business dealing which allows you to help your prospect, build a network of buyers while still having the benefits of profit or even acquire more leads. While the exchange of sales leads eliminates company stagnation, it also intensifies the acquiring new prospects that leads to business opportunities. It offers a win-win negotiation strategy because what may be less useful for your company could be a valuable trump card for others, and vise-versa.

Troy Rushton -
Entrepreneur & Speaker
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