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Fintech solutions for PH

With a reported 85 million Filipinos "unbanked", living across the 7,000+ islands that form the Philippines, there is a real opportunity to deliver innovative financial services over the coming decade to meet the expected demand.

A few innovative FinTech companies have began deploying online solutions to bring borrowers and lenders together in this digital age.

Once such company rising to meet the demands is Rush Money, an innovative FinTech company based in Cagayan de Oro. With the recent launch of Rush Money's lending platform, borrowers now have unprecedented access to a variety of lenders across different verticals including auto, home (mortgage), personal, OFW, business and credit cards. Borrowers can now complete online applications, submit documents securely and engage with lending officers all from the comfort of their home.

Rush Money's Data Privacy Officer, Levin Tacandong, is responsible for protection of individuals data and stated "we have employed best practices with the implementation of Amazon's robust data encryption services to ensure our applicants data is secure and that we are compliant with DOPA".

Rush Money’s lending platform provides a number of benefits which allow borrowers to be matched with the most appropriate lenders instantly, saving borrowers a significant amount of time and effort hunting around. Technology has enabled businesses and individuals to leverage the internet to more efficiently apply and be approved for credit.

Rush Money General Manager stated "We have been inundated with applicants since we launched and whilst we are still working through our processes, we are very pleased with how many people we have already been able to assist secure a loan".

For more information visit their website

Troy Rushton -
Entrepreneur & Speaker
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