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Troy Rushton, is the first social media network for the homemaker, focused on providing a platform of inspiration.

The goal for the team @ is to inspire and engage homemakers throughout the entire lifecycle of creating a home, whether renting, owning, building or renovating. Realty provides Agents, Contributors and Brands a platform to instantly make their listings and content a social media hero to a relevant audience! is the fusion of a traditional property listings portal and social media.

Traditional property listing portals offer a place to research for a house, takes that further by offering a destination to create a home - a digital and dynamic lifestyle channel of inspiration. users can search for rentals and properties for sale and also be inspired by content, products and services across various categories including Outdoor, Indoor, Investments, Technology, Arts & Crafts, DIY, Renovation and Services with the functionality to save & share favourite inspirations, whether looking for a rental, a property to buy or new cushions for the lounge.

With the average Australian consumer spending less than an hour on a property listing website per month, but more than 63 hours “online”, Realty aims to leverage this behaviour with a multi-channel approach to distributing listings and content, not only on, but also through 100+ digital media channels including social media and a network of geo-based websites. offers both a web and mobile social media network for homemakers, which offers an engagement platform for agents, developers, vendors and content contributors to reach targeted audiences.

Property listings and content for the home is distributed through a social stream and a portfolio of geographically focused websites, digital and social media channels using targeted initiatives. blends the social and local layers of engagement to reach targeted buyers quickly.

Realty aims to deliver benefits to all the key stakeholders in the home ecosystem from homemakers to investors and all parties in between.

Homemakers, will use as a resource for inspiration and ideas for the home, sellers for a place to market their property via their agent and buyers will benefit from a suite of new tools for their mobile.

Realty's digital geo-footprint covers the eastern seaboard of Australia from Bondi Beach to Bundaberg including key property markets such as Manly, the Central Coast, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour, Tweed Heads and Bowral. Initially launching on NSW's Central Coast, a microcosm of Australian real estate with affordable first home owner apartments, family homes, retirement villas, high-end beachfront, commercial, industrial, rural and developer opportunities. Plans are afoot to expand the footprint further west in Sydney, North in QLD and South to Victoria. See more

Home is where the 💙 is.

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