Troy Rushton instructs Domain Trading on Udemy

Troy Rushton, Founder and CEO of, the worlds leading domain trading education company, has released two new educational programs on, a market leader in instructor-lead online courses. has been offering education for more than 12 months in various formats including eCourse, video, PDF, ebooks, Google hangouts and live Webinars. With more 2,500 users participating in the 10 day eCourse since its launch in January 2013 and 2% of Protrada’s 13,000 members already enrolled in the 12 month course “Domain Trading 301″, Rushton believed that there was an opportunity to expand the educational program and the domain trading opportunity into main stream learning environments.

Rushton stated “there is a clear apetite and curiosity for domain trading, millions of people have purchased a domain, but significantly less have seen the opportunity to actively trade domains for a profit, I believe education will bridge the gap”.

Rushton’s new courses on Udemy, have attracted more than 200 new students in the first 2 weeks, with the free course teaching the fundamentals in an hour and a paid course offering some trading strategies.

Rushton added “Through education, we have successfully increased the number of active domain investors, and with millions of Domains available for representation across the entire industry, there is a natural shortage of quality Brokers.  There are a number of  great brokerage firms servicing the industry now, but we see new the challenge is to improve the ratio of brokers to domains for sale, which we believe will increase the level of active representation and maximise returns for sellers”.

Rushton is developing another course that will teach Domain Brokerage, to improve standards across the independent brokers within the Domain industry and to attract new Domain Brokers from industrys including Real Estate, Insurance and financial services. Rushton will distribute this new course through various partnerships to help attract experienced sales agents from the different industry’s to the domain industry to meet the increasing demand.

Rushton added “We are now well positioned through our distribution partnerships to attract and educate new brokers to meet the demand. We are working closely with a number of established brokers and domain sellers to solve the challenges that exist currently, and we believe that improving expectations and efficiencies through education will lead to an increase in transaction deal flow that will grow the overall aftermarket business “.

Rushton says “Experienced sellers can participate in the domain industry and earn serious commissions, like most industry’s, the investor is not always the best seller”.

Rushton is also looking to provide structure, technology and inventory through an independent broker network, which he hopes to launch at the end of 2013.

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Protrada Integrates DomainPower

Los Angeles, CA, Monday Feb 18th 2013 –

Protrada, the world’s first domain name trading platform, today announced a new partnership with a Domain Holdings, Inc. Company. The partnership, which was initiated at the TRAFFIC conference in Fort Lauderdale Oct 2012, has now been cemented with the integration of DomainPower’s monetization solution into Protrada. This enables members to monetize their domain assets and access reporting from within Protrada. The integration also completes the domain lifecycle ambitions of Protrada, allowing members to research, bid, buy, sell, backorder, appraise, market, manage and monetize domains all from one centralized platform. Protrada recently launched an education and training division which aims to assist new domain investors grasp the fundamentals of domain investing within weeks.

Troy Rushton CEO of Protrada said “our strategy has been to partner with market leaders in each aspect of the domain investing lifecycle. Integrating DomainPower extends our offering to now include asset monetization, which completes our lifecycle ambitions. We have been very focused on attracting new domain investors and it’s now possible for our members to learn and earn all from one login.” He also added “our new education and support program allows us to more aggressively pursue new audiences beyond traditional domain investors, which positions us for exciting growth over the coming years.”

Jason Boshoff CEO of DomainPower said “We’re excited to partner with Protrada in an effort to provide seamless monetization solutions to Protrada’s rapidly growing customer base. The DomainPower monetization decision engine predicts and optimizes so that traffic generated through domains will yield the highest revenue among our large advertiser base. Working with Protrada has been a pleasure and DomainPower is confident in our ability to help Protrada clients earn more.”

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Domaining is explained in Alex Mandossian’s interview with Troy Rushton, CEO & Founder of Protrada

In this episode of Ask Alex LIVE!, Alex Mandossian interviews Troy Rushton, the CEO and Founder of, and explains what domaining is and how you can profit from it. is a quickly growing domain-trading platform that provides services to more than 50,000 domain traders globally. You can take advantage of our special offer at for full access.

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Protrada’s Deal Spree to Grow the Domain Name Industry – With Troy Rushton has been on a business development spree, acquiring assets, partnering with a top Internet marketersharing the stage with Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki, and creating a technology platform to power non-domain name-specific websites.

In this interview, we catch up with past sherpa Troy Rushton, and learn about these business growth areas and what’s on tap for the near future.


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50,000 New Domain Traders for

Fast growing domain trading platform,, now provides services to more than 50,000 domain traders globally, with the acquisition of domain search engine, Domainface.

Los Angeles, CA, Friday 6th July 2012 – Protrada, the world’s first domain name trading platform, today announced the acquisition of’s assets. is a leading provider of domain name data and is owned by Face Software Limited.

Domainface launched in January 2010 and quickly established market presence through strategic partnerships including Market Samurai, a market leader in internet marketing software. The deal will allow Domainface’s 52,500 current members to migrate to Protrada’s domain trading platform, whilst will reposition itself to become an information and education portal. The acquisition is another step for Protrada in its plans to expand the domain name buying and selling market beyond traditional domain investors.

Domainface Co-founder Kenny Goodman said “Domainface members will now have access to Protrada’s sophisticated bid management and domain trading technology” he added “innovation continues to drive opportunities in domain investing and Protrada is clearly a market leader. Our distribution partners can also benefit from Protrada’s powerful API technology to offer their users a more robust data solution”.

Troy Rushton, CEO & Founder of Protrada advised, “We are excited to offer our domain trading technology to Domainface members. Kenny and his team have done very well to grow market share and the time is now right for us to substantially increase our user base. The level of user transactions in Protrada is growing steadily as we continue to welcome new domain traders daily. We are focused on ensuring the transition is seamless for the new members and much of what Domainface had in its development roadmap is already live and available in Protrada today” Rushton also added “Kenny Goodman is a thought leader in the internet marketing industry and we look forward to working together on a number of new projects”.

The announcement to Domainface members happened via a personal blog post from Kenny Goodman, who gave the background story on why he created Domainface and expressed his genuine excitement and confidence for his member’s transition to Protrada.

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